Support for the implementation and development of ActionBarSherlock is available in the following places:

Google Group

Post a message to the Google Group about ActionBarSherlock. This will allow myself as well as other users of the library to assist you. It will also serve as a catalog of previous questions and announcements which may be useful. Please DO NOT post general questions about using the action bar APIs.


Like Google Groups, this will allow fellow users to assist you solve your problem. This is also a more approriate place to post general questions about the action bar API.

GitHub Issues

If you have found a bug or want to suggest a new feature then you can create an issue on the GitHub project.

Direct Contact

You may also contact me directly if the above two options are not sufficient.

...Of A Different Kind

If you are looking for ways to support the development and maintenance of this project there are various ways to contribute both directly and indirectly.

Contributions of code are the best way to show your support of the library. For more information see the development page.
Buy Merchandise
An Android-themed mascot logo was commisioned for ActionBarSherlock and now you can wear it. The merchandise page has all the details.
Monetary support is accepted via PayPal or Flattr from the donation page.
Be Social
Educating other developers on the existence and advantages of this library is the quickest and easiest way to voice your support.
Click the Google +1, Twitter, and/or Facebook links below to get started. Please also link to the site from blog posts and on StackOverflow answers.